Tuesday 18 November 2014

'What if I fall?...'

'Oh but my darling, what if you fly?'

What gorgeous words of encouragement, so lovely that we just had to design a stamp to go with this text, so may we introduce our new 'What if I fall?' stamp set:

and our teamies couldn't wait to get creative, the clouds are seperate within the set and Gaynor has used them to good effect on her card below to give perspective:

designed by Gaynor
Helen N has given us a pink version:

designed by Helen N
and a blue version:

designed by Helen N
and here are the stamps in black & white, a striking card by Heidi:

designed by Heidi
Marianne has given us a beautiful bluebird:

designed by Marianne

a circular card from Diane:

designed by Diane
and finally Shary has split up the text and paper pieced the birds - love it!

designed by Shary
So there we are, this is one of our new releases, we will share some more over the next couple of days

Would you like to win this stamp?

Just leave us a comment, loosely based upon the theme 'what if I fall?' - telling us what you are scared of...

Gill is scared of SPIDERS!

Carol is scared of SPIDERS!!

Steve is scared of HEIGHTS and SHARKS?!

We'd love to read your comments and we will announce a winner of this new set next Thursday 27 November.

Good Luck x


  1. I am terrified of snakes! Pat x

  2. I am afraid of frogs . I hate it when I discover one in the garden and it jumps! It always seems to jum towards me and not away from me.

  3. Oh, how lovely!!
    I am scared of snakes, and probably lots of other things I'm too afraid to mention!!

  4. Gosh, I'm a scared of a lot. Lol
    Anything creepy Crawly (any type of bugs) but spiders absolutely terrify me so bad I stop in my tracks;snakes, and heights.

  5. I am afraid of Lizards, horrible scene created!!

  6. Frogs scare me to death always have my brother used to have great fun scaring me with them xx