Thursday, 27 June 2013

NEW! A super collection of 9 wonderful stickers...

...just released today (club members check your newsletter for special offer details), a selection of your favourite designs as stickers for quick and easy cards, yippee!

Here's a small selection, we have 9 new sheets in total:

Butterfly Blossom Sticker Sheet

designed by Helen N
You can make 3 cards from this sheet above, simply peel off, stick down and get your pens out, nice and easy, mess free and just 70p p/sheet!

And we have a sheet of floral hedgehogs:

Floral Hogs Sticker Sheet
Look what our teamie Lozzy has made with this one:

designed by Lozzie
and can you see the little hedgehog border running along the bottom?

Gemma has made a lovely card using one of the images from the Floral Border Sticker sheet:

designed by Gemma
and Helen N has also created this lovely daschund card from the daschund sheet:

designed by Helen N
There are 9 new sticker sheets in total, all on our web now and they represent great value for money too!

Would you like to win all 9 of the new stickers?  Here's how (totally unrelated) but we were thinking recently what is your scariest SPIDER moment?  I'm sure we all have one - mine is we used to live in Germany and the washing machine was kept down in the cellar, well one day (when Steve was away - typical) I ran down, always ran to avoid cobwebs etc, put washing in, quickly opened the drawer to add powder and there, filling up the whole drawer was the biggest spider I have ever seen!  I did scream, ran back upstairs and it took mw ages to go back again, so pleased that my machine is now in the kitchen..........

Let us know your scariest spider moment(s) and we will draw 3 lucky winners to each win all 9 new stickers!
Entries to be received by Monday O1 July 2013........ x

Little Claire x


  1. Love your spider story. I went to Nicaragua once to help build a Habitat house. We stayed in an old villa and regularly saw bugs of all kinds - that's Nicaragua! One night I felt something crawling across my upper chest. It the dark I reached for it and was surprised that it felt at least an inch around! Now, to be honest, I'm not sure it was a spider, but I grabbed it and threw it across the room - I didn't dare try to kill it!!! All night, I wondered if it would come back. Thankfully, it didn't!

  2. Great stickers...I don't mind little money spiders but can't pick up the big ones with twig like legs and my scariest moment was when I had my arm resting over the edge of the armchair, only to feel something on it, and when I lifted my arm, there was "Twiggy" !! Of course, the movement of my arm made him move too and you know how fast a spider can run....I've never got out of a chair so fast in all my life, and I don't hang my arm over the edge anymore...trouble is, I never found out where Twiggy ended up....Oo-er xx love Anne Chilvers xx

  3. Lovely stickers and some gorgeous creations from the design team. I think my scariest spider moment as to be when I was driving. The sun came out and I decided to put down my sun visor. Well, you can imagine what happened. A large spider was sitting behind the sun visor. I quickly put the sun visor back up and drove the rest of the way home like a statue praying I didn't have an accident. Think I won't have looked a bit silly explaining to the police that a spider scared me lol.

  4. ..when a boy at school decided to put one down the back of my neck !!

    It's so nice to see peel offs having a come back and used in such a lovely way !! Love the all !!

    hugs Diane xx

  5. Thank you for your scary spider stories, they are making us react just how we thought we would by going: oooooooh, oh no! aaaaargh!
    lol, so scary - Steve's just said that his aunty had a Tarantula in a box of bananas and was bitten by it!

  6. These sticker sheets are fabulous.
    We have always had an open fire in our house and burn wood on it. We keep a basket of logs next to the fire and one evening I picked up a log to put on the fire and a huge spider that was hiding on the log ran up my arm. I hit out at it but couldn't see what happened to it so my husband and I spent the rest of the evening hunting for it - we never did find it! Needless to say my husband now puts the logs on the fire.

  7. Love the new stickers and great design ideas.

    A few years ago I picked my towel up to dry my face and, luckily, had my eyes open as there was a huge spider on the towel. The towel and spider went flying across the bathroom as I screamed!

    Kath x

  8. Scariest spider moment - this is true and happened a few months ago Feb this year I live in the Midlands - Derby.

    My daughter (28) got up in the morning and mentioned she had an itchy spot above her wrist on the inside of her arm. It was like a little raised spot and the area round it was red, about the size of 2p. I said it looked like a bite of some sort and thought nothing more of it.

    Daughter went to stay at her friends for the night. Next day she rang me and said it was worse and she thought it was a spider bite to which I laughed and said she was silly. To cut a long story short ----- the following day she went to A&E with a swollen arm, numb fingers and an obvious bite that consisted of two very clear puncture marks.

    The doctors were fascinated and confirmed it was indeed a spider bite to which she had developed an allergic reaction. Treatment was a course of strong antibiotics with strict instructions that if it didn't start to work by next morning to go back and she would be admitted. Doctors from the department all came to have a look because apart from one - none of them had seen a spider bite in this country. Apparently, there are three spiders in this country capable of biting but usually it wouldn't have caused such an extreme reaction.

    Needless to say, bedroom was scoured from top to bottom looking for the culprit which I may add was never found, because we couldn't find a single spider in the room. My six yr old granddaughter also slept in the bedroom the night the bite occurred. We are so pleased it didn't bite her because my daughter was in a lot of pain.

    As you can imagine - I felt really guilty for laughing at my daughter when she said it was a spider bite, after all its what you expect in Australia not in the UK!

    Thanks Jayne Wall
    posted on behalf of Jayne by Little Claire

  9. Hi
    My scariest spider moment happened last week.
    I have just moved into a big old house. In the bedroom there is fkoor to ceiling built in wardrobes. I took a top off the hanger and the biggest hairest spider I have ever seen fell off the top and went straight down my pyjama top.
    As you can imagine I wiped my top off as quick as I could. Whilst screening and dancing round the room. I looked down and the spider was sat on my boob.
    I was traumatised. I now enter all cupboards with caution.
    Just thinking about it now makes me squirm. ewwww
    Have a nice spider free day
    Nichola xxxx
    Posted on behalf of Nichola by Little Claire

  10. and my scariest spider moment is...
    I was in the shower one morning and I had put my towel over the shower screen, but when I was finished I pulled the towel down to dry myself off with and there was a huge spider just sat on my towel!! I ended up with a wet towel, as I had quickly dropped it and didn't have anywhere to go, being in the shower cubicle. Luckily, it scuttled off down the plughole!
    Looking forward to seeing more ideas on the website with the peel offs, and Thanks so much for a great and once again, very handy members' stamp set for this month, can't wait to use it!
    Thanks and best wishes to all at Little Claire
    From Claire Boston
    Posted on behalf of Claire by Little Claire

  11. My scariest spider story,

    Getting up in the middle of the night for a drink of water without putting my specs on. I filled the tumbler of water took the first drink and something was stuck to my teeth. Yes....., the spider was in the tumbler, I shudder thinking of it as I type this e.mail to you.

    Betty Simpson, Little Claire Club Membership 026
    Posted on behalf of Betty by Little Claire

  12. Oh my, we are enjoying your scary spider stories but each one is making us shudder and we are nervously looking around to see if we can spot any as it is raining like mad outside and just the sort of weather which brings them in!
    The posts placed by us are from customer who have emailed there stories in to us and may not have access to blogs x

  13. Your stickers are really nice. I wish I had a scary spider story, but just don't. If it was a snake story-maybe. I can share a story about a spider that scared my daughter in the shower. We had just moved in to the basement of our home (the upstairs wasn't finished yet). My daughter, who was about 8, went into the bathroom to shower. All of a sudden we heard this huge scream. My husband and I ran in to see her staring at this spider that she thought was huge. In all fairness, it did look big with its really long legs, but the body was smaller than a penny.

    I'm just not that scared of the spiders we have here in Ohio.

  14. Your stickers are really nice. I wish I had a scary spider story, but just don't. If it was a snake story-maybe. I can share a story about a spider that scared my daughter in the shower. We had just moved in to the basement of our home (the upstairs wasn't finished yet). My daughter, who was about 8, went into the bathroom to shower. All of a sudden we heard this huge scream. My husband and I ran in to see her staring at this spider that she thought was huge. In all fairness, it did look big with its really long legs, but the body was smaller than a penny.

    I'm just not that scared of the spiders we have here in Ohio.
    Posted on behalf of Soccermom23 by Little Claire

  15. Hi,
    I am terrified of spiders - I was on my own - hubby away when I heard noises coming from a dried flower display - yes - it was in there moving them about! I waited until it climbed out and was on top of the stereo, then I (hyperventilating by now) tried to squash it with the shovel from our fireside companion set - and no I didn't care about the stereo - the spider was huge. Anyway, I hit it (as I thought) but when I looked it was no where to be seen. I know they can jump so became hysterical, grabbed my car keys and legged it - I drove to my sister's house some 4 miles away, convinced it was on me somwhere - it was very late, my sister came downstairs and opended the door to me - I ran to her bedroom and stripped off so she could look for it! Anyway, it was nowhere to be found so she made up the sofa bed and I eventually slept. I got up before her next morning to go home and get ready for work. Later that day she phoned to see if I was OK, I apologised again for waking her - then she said that when she folded up the sofa bed there was the BIGGEST spider she has ever seen underneath it!!!!!!!

    PS always look forward to Fridays to see the latest project - keep them coming xx

    Posted on behalf of Virginia Kinsey by Little Claire

  16. Hi, i would like to enter your competition by sending in my spider story......

    I have always been terrified of spiders to the extent that when i go to bed i have to check all round my room, in my bed and shake the curtains before i am satisfied there isn't one lurking and i can go to sleep. One morning i got up and had a shower and was sitting in an armchair in the lounge drying my hair. I could feel something tickling my elbow but paid no real attention to it as i presumed it was hair (i have long hair). I suddenly looked down at my elbow which was resting on the arm of a chair and to my horror there was a huge spider clinging to me. I absolutely screamed and jumped out of the chair flinging my arms around in panic - my dad thought i had been electricuted by the hairdryer! Luckily he caught it and got rid of it for me but it still sends shivers down my spine now knowing it was actually on my skin. In our house we now refer to spider 'moments' as TSI's! (traumatic spider incidents!).

    Regards and sympathy to fellow spider fearers!

    Published by Little Claire on behalf of Sarah Crisp

  17. Spider story! I used to be scared of spiders but had to be braver when children came into our lives as didn't want my fears passed on to them The boys are brave souls but my daughter is really really scared of our eight legged friends Anyway having spent a day clearing leaves etc in the garden my husband took garden waste to the tip He put the car back together and we all went into Manchester for a bit of shopping Nearly in city centre when my ten year old daughter (she's 22now) let out a blood curdling scream of "SPIDER" sending mass hysteria throughout the car My husband jumped so much he turned the steering wheel so sharply we nearly collided with a row of shops She was so hysterical the car had to be stopped right there for my husband to capture the enormous beast that had crawled on her window from the boot We were expecting a tarantula but no kidding it was about 2mm big and only just made the grade as a spider She hasn't changed still terrified and we offer get calls to go and rescue her!! It was scary for all of us at the time but we can see funny side now
    Published on behalf of Dawn Feldman by Little Claire

  18. My scariest spider moment was in Chile. I had only been there 2 weeks and staying with my husbands family who spoke no English. I woke one morning to see an enormous spider on the ceiling. My Spanish was very limited - i.e. A big black things with 8 legs on the ceiling. Scary.
    Published on behalf of Barbara Ashmore by Little Claire