Thursday, 8 March 2012


We're having a Design Team Call! 

We'd like to add five new people to our Design Team for an initial term of six months.  Interested?  Here's what we're looking for:

1. You need to have a blog to which you post regularly and the ability to take good, clear photos.  We would also ask that you promote Little Claire actively on your blog.

2. We will send you about six stamps each month (sometimes less) and you will need to make two sample cards with each stamp which you will then send to us.  You need to be able to include lots of different elements in your cards - different shapes, styles etc.

3. You will need to make an additional card each month for our blog challenge and also take part in commenting on entries - at the moment each Design Team member comments on roughly half the entries every month.

4. Approximately once every two months you will need to a card for our weekly project, take step by step photos and write instructions - you will then post this on the Little Claire blog.

5. From time to time, we'll ask you to make cards for magazine articles and write instructions.

6. If you live close to one of the craft shows, we may ask you to come and demo for us for which you will be paid.

In return you'll receive lots of gorgeous Little Claire stamps before everyone else and will become part of a friendly team.

If you'd like us to consider you, please e-mail with the heading 'Design Team Call' on your e-mail giving us your blog address and any other information you'd like to include.  The DT call will be open until Monday 26 March.


  1. *rushes to email* Thank you so much for this opportunity :D x

  2. Oh wow !! Thanks for a chance !! Have just emailed you !!

    hugs Diane xx

  3. Speaking as one of the original Design members I just thought I would put in my two penneth to say what a lovely team the Little Claire's team are. I am so pleased to see the company continuing to go from strength to strength. If you are thinking of applying I would say don't hesitate!

    Sharon x

  4. Sent my Email too.... Bet you will be inundated... don't fancy being you lot having to shift though all the talent and decide! Thanks very much for the chance to help showcase such a fabulous company, and good luck to everyone who applies! xxx

  5. oooh, I bet you have a TON of applicants to trawl through!! I keep popping by the blog to see who you picked and to congratulate the new team!! x x x They are some very lucky ladies x x x