Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Our club set of stamps for September:

... is 'The Magic of Christmas'

The set contains a fabulous set of stamps to give you lots of card variations and here are a selection of our Design Team's cards:

Above, Georgina has highlighted the sleigh and you can see one of the sentiments included within the set, and below, from Helen R, we have the Christmas door with another of the greetings included in this stamp set:

Helen R
Below, Gaynor has made a feature of the lovely Geese, there are a row of 3 Geese in the set and Gaynor has successfully bred hers to make more!

And here Lyndsey has combined the Geese with the Christmas door and the circular sentiment which is included within the set:
Our new 'Magic of Christmas' stamp set containing 7 stamps is available now and if you are not yet a member of our club, why not 'Buy & Try?'  Buy this set during September and you will receive the set of stamps and a pack containing everything you need to make this card:

Helen N
 And here's the best bit, be kind enough to post a comment and tell us about what you consider to be 'the magic of Christmas' and we will pick a lucky winner of a complete club set for September 2012 (the magic of Christmas) - the winner will be chosen at midday Friday 07 September.
Give it a go as we love to read your comments and you might be the winner!
All the best
Little Claire x


  1. What i like most about christmas is all the family getting together to share traditions that every family gathers over the years

  2. What a lovely set of stamps.They will give scope to make so many different cards.
    The magic of Christmas is the the look of surprise and wonder on the faces of children.

  3. The magic of Christmas is, for me, the look of absolute wonder & delight on a child's face. Hard to capture but you know it when you see it! This set is fabulous - I adore Christmas cards with festive doors. x

  4. For me the magic of christmas was getting together with family, but that has got smaller and smaller as the years have flown by. So now for me it's waking up on christmas morning with my fur babies on the bed with me, opening their prezzies and mine !! Bliss........

    Fab set of christmas stamps !!

    hugs Diane xx

  5. WOW!! Such a wonderful selection of cards made by your super talented design team.
    Part of the magic of Christmas is spending time with loved ones. Also, it's so lovely to give and receive cards,( especially handmand ones) and have that little bit of contact with people who we don't often see.

    hugs Sue

  6. fabulous stamps - I especially love the geese - they are so versatile and I love that you've put one in front of the door on one card - fabulous xx

  7. What lovely christmas stamps. There is nothing more magical at christmas than the excitement of children looking forward to Santa.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Children are the 'magic' of Christmas

  9. Just love the geese at the door samples.
    The magic of Christmas for me is going for a lovely winter walk to work off lunch. Also seeing my grandsons enjoy the whole magic and wonder of Christmas.