Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Feel like watching a FREE Video?

Hello everyone - Steve has been busy creating 4 NEW Videos which give you a super selection of card making ideas, they are on our website NOW http://www.littleclaire.co.uk/ and are free to download:

'Cats in Squares'
Steve will show you how to make this lovely card featuring a little ginger kitty.....

'Elephants in Squares'

This 'Elephants' video shows Steve making a Step card..........

'Hedgehogs in Squares'

During ths video you can see Steve struggle to make a Waterfall card!  We love the brown & pink colours here........

And finally, we have 'Westies in Squares'
You can see Steve make this gorgeous Easel Card using lovely shades of blues...........

Thank you to Heidi for giving Steve these super demo cards x

Visit our website http://www.littleclaire.co.uk/ and click on 'Free Cardmaking Videos' to watch Steve make these lovely cards, we hope that you will enjoy them and gain inspiration too.  (Quite funny in places!)

LOL, all at Little Claire x


  1. What a shame these aren't now on C&C, I would have set the video. I was playing with the new sets last night, at least the Westie and forgot to pack the others when I went to craft gfroup LOL, really sweet and fun to use, thanks.

  2. Love em. I so want those hedgehogs

  3. I bought the special offer In Squares stamp set recently and am itching to try them out so I will definitely be popping over to watch the videos x

  4. Awww so amazing, I saw these stamp yesterday at Hull and really wanted it, just had no more money. Am making sure I save loads for the Doncaster Show in July. Love your stuff, its all amzing. xxx