Wednesday, 21 January 2015

We are slowly coming to the end of this month...

...and before we do we want to show you some more cards made with our January club stamps;

A fantastic set of stamps for just £8.99, make lots of different cards and here is a selection from our Shary which we don't think you have seen yet, here is gardening lady in a super frame:

Here is the career lady, great for a new job, the blue top of the clipboard has been glossy accented:

and our ultimate Superwoman, the multi-tasking lady keeping very busy!

Which person are you?  Are you a happy gardener or a career girl or a superwoman mixture of everything?

Carol is a happy gardener and thinks nothing of shifting big heavy bags of gravel around!

Gill is a career girl and is happy at the laptop creating new ideas.

Steve would like us all to think that he is a multi-tasking icon, but really he is simply adept at starting lots of projects and leaving them all over the place!

We'll give one set of Superwoman stamps plus the project pack which contains everything to make this card:

designed by Helen

to the lucky winner drawn at random on Tuesday 27 January '15, good luck!

Little Claire xxx


  1. Love all the stamps etc. that you design make and demos.

  2. I thought I was a superwoman when I worked full time, ran a house and had three kiddies. When I retired I thought all that would change. How wrong I was! I'm now a wrinkly superwoman, still with the house and now blessed with grandchildren to care for and I wouldn't change a thing! Pat x

  3. These are clever designs! Well done to all the DO members, and to LTD for such versatile man and lady stamps over past two months. They are now my Go To stamps to fit most people.

  4. As women, we do a lot! We play with our kids and make them learn every new things, cook food, cleaning, talking on the phone and doing the laundry, all at the same time. I have mastered the art of multitasking! This may sound like a lot but it makes me happy to get it all done in a reasonable amount of time.
    Your stamps are awesome and thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I like to dabble in everything and not always master all of them but I have fun trying Hugs tina xx

  6. What a great set of stamps. I would say I am the 'Happy gardener' as since we moved to our bungalow Ive discovered a love of gardening and flowers xx

  7. Tihi I think we,all women are super as we have to multitask a lot during our lifetime .These stamps look great and the cards made are lovely!

  8. Fabulous stamps and inspiration x

  9. I absolutely love these stamps. I love gardening when its nice and warm in the summer and the flowers are out. I work in an office and run around all over the place as I manage a unit for St John Ambulance in my spare time. Looking after 50 kids and 14 adults. Feel like I need a Superwoman cape at times.

  10. I just love these stamps - and the colours used on the examples.... just inspirational.