Thursday, 1 January 2015


Here at LC we think all women are Superwomen and here is the perfect stamp set to illustrate just that -  superwoman

This is our stamp set for January 2015 and we are sure you will all have a lovely lady in your family or friends for whom a card made with one of these images would be just perfect.

Here is the card for which all the materials are provided and are included within the pack for our club members:

This great card has been designed by Helen and is a really clever way to use all of the images contained within the set

A new stamp set for a new year and a new competition - leave us a comment telling us what your New Year's resolution is (or you may not have one) and 2 lucky winners will receive our new 'Superwoman' set of stamps complete with project pack.
Winners will be announced Thursday 08 January 2015.

Good Luck and a Very Happy New Year from everyone at Little Claire x


  1. Happy new year to the team . New Years resolution is to have more time to craft and be more organised this year. Oh and the diet - I'm 40 this year and would like to go away to somewhere hot.

  2. Happy New Year to all at Little Claire! I am not making any resolutions as I never stick to them! I am just going to see where the year takes me. Brilliant card and fab idea for a stamp set - useful for so many occasions! xxx

  3. I am going to "try" and use my existing stash in favour of buying anything new...I think it's the same one as last year, so perhaps I should say "try harder" !!

  4. Fantastic card. My New Year resolution is once again to think before I purchase any more craft stash!


  5. Love this stamp set...perfect for a multi tasking lady !! My New Year resolutions are to spend more time on myself and my crafting and to lose th weight that has crept back on !!

  6. What a great stamp set!
    My new year resolution is to make atleast one card a week and to read atleast one book/novel a month...

  7. Ooh these stamps are fab! My mum is definetely a superwoman and these would suit her perfectly!
    My New Years resolution is to always remember all the things I do have in life and forget all the things I dont! I've been severely ill and bedridden for over 3 years now, living in a dark quiet room unable to even have visitors so I've had some really tough low times but things could always be worse! I have a loving family, warm comfy bed, and an amazing mum who cares for me and has had to give up her own life and freedom for me! So she definetely deserves a 'Superwoman' card!!x

  8. Hahaha!! These superwomen are so realistic and sure very useful! ...I think we are all this way! Love these stamps!
    My resolution for this new year is to succeed in doing everything with joy and without stress.... I wish keeping calm and also craft more and more...
    Happy New Year to all and happy crafting!

  9. What great stamps! I am sure we all know some lovely multi-tasking ladies these would be suitable for. My New Years resolution is to slow down the hamster wheel & spend more time with family. x

  10. Fabulous stamps for us superwomen (I wish, lol)! My New Year Resolution is to craft, however little, everyday so that my hubby will see that, yes!, I do need more craft stuff and will buy more goodies for my birthday/Christmas presents and keep taking me to craft fairs/ shops. I'm easy to please really ;-). Debra x

  11. My New Year Resolution is to just enjoy life and especially card making!
    xxx Margreet