Thursday, 22 January 2015

January Digi Blog Project

Hello it`s Allison here and I hope you're all well and ready for some crafting.  
This is the card which I am calling "Rainbow Dragonflies" and it`s what I would call an arty card, here is what you will need:
base card - 14.5cm x 14.5cm
pale blue card/paper
black card/paper
matt printer paper about 220gsm
pastel chalks and some cut-n-dry
Versa Fine - black
thin pale green ribbon
glitter glue
grey coloured gems
Re-size the digi stamp image until it measures 12cm across the bottom line of the stamp and 5.5cm from the bottom of the stamp to the top tip of the dragonfly wing.
Copy and paste the re-sized image and crop it down until only the dragonfly remains. Position and rotate the dragonfly above the original silhouette image, *copy + paste the new dragonfly, move it to a suitable position and slightly reduce the size*. Repeat from * to * once more.

Make sure the image is at least 14.5cm below the top of the page, then print onto 220gsm Matt print paper.
Colour the printed image with pastel chalks. Tip: I finely (in pencil) draw the card size onto the paper around the image, this gives me an area to work in when applying the chalks.   When applying the chalks I use small circular motions and blend each colour into the next. I use cut-n-dry to apply my chalks.
Stamp the sentiment using the Versa fine. TIP: do a test stamp onto a bit of scrap paper to make sure the letters are in a straight line.
Colour the dragonfly wings with a fine tip turquoise pen and with a fine paint brush apply the glitter glue. Allow to dry then spray the image with hair spray to set the chalks.
Glue the ribbon along the bottom of the silhouette (I prefer to wrap the ribbon around to the back of the paper).
Cut to size and layer up all the papers onto the card.
Finish off the embellishments by adding grey coloured gems to the centre of the flowers. Tie a bow from the green ribbon and stick onto the ribbon already attached to the card.
Finally sit back and stare at your handy work all day long.


  1. What a beautiful project, Allison!
    xxx Margreet

  2. Love that Digi stamp, Alison. Jean xx

  3. Beautiful BG with silhouette image!

  4. Great card Allison, love what you have done with our silhouette floral border x

  5. What a wonderful card Allison! A great tutorial on using the digi stamp. I wish I could try this but my printer isn't good enough to print on anything thicker than 120gsm. I'm having an extension built part of which will be a craft area for me and I'll get a new printer then, Yay! Debra x

  6. This is a beautiful card Allison.Thanks for sharing !