Thursday, 5 June 2014

'Tis Thursday already!

Had lots of problems with our internet this morning groan, BIG GROAN, isn't it such a pain when these technology things decide to go on a go-slow, poor Steve's been at my desk doing his best to fix things, seems he needs to have an in depth look this evening when my chores are over...

And today we want to share with you the release of a FANTASTIC set of sentiment stamps, called
'Rebecca's Really Useful Sentiments - Male & Female'  Here is the Male set:

and here is the Female set - but of course the great thing is you can swap and change as the Female words fit inside the Male circles and vice versa. Great!

These two fantastic stamp sets are the brainchild of one of our customers, Rebecca Roberts who entered our recent competition to design a new stamp for Little Claire, and this is what she did! 
Well done Rebecca and thank you for such a good idea.

Each stamp set contains 6 different themed circles (all the same size as our usual circular sentiments) with themes such as Gardening, Driving, Music, Baking, Sports, Walking, Flowers and then lots of names to put inside so for instance, Daughter may like Baking or she may like choose which one suits the person to whom you are sending your card - great!

Here's a sample of one of the sentiments in use:

designed by Helen N
Helen has stamped 'DAD' into the drinking circle but all of the sentiments have been designed to fit inside the circle, just ready to be swapped and changed!
Each set of sentiment stamps cost £9.99 and they represent really good value - because they are 'really useful sentiments!'

Fancy owning both these stamp sets?

We have one set to giveaway - just leave us a comment telling us which sentiment you think you use the most when making cards and a winner will be announced next Wednesday 11 June 2014.

Little Claire xxx


  1. Lovely sets. I think I need to know if you are asking which sentiment out of the set I would use the most, hmmm, maybe Mum as we have two of those, or which sentiment I use the most generally - Happy Birthday of course!

  2. Wow what a great idea I love the cute pictures around the circles and the fact you can mix and match! I love making cards for my Mum so I think that would be my most used! And I also use 'Just For You' the most as it always fits the bill :-)

  3. for me it would have to be the Baby Girl/Boy Stamp as I have so many family and friends that are awaiting new additions to their family. Including my youngest daughter who is expecting our 1st grandchild in October....fab idea-well done

  4. I definitely think the circle with the handbags, hairdryers and makeup with be used time and time again for all my female friends and family as what woman doesn't use one or all of those items! Wonderful idea Rebecca, they're just so useful for all my cards and the male and female sets are interchangeable as I have a female friend who loves DIY and a son who plays the piano. Really different stamps for almost any occasion. Well done Rebecca! Debra x

  5. Looks like a great set. I think I'd use the 'tools" set the most.

  6. The Animal set as virtually everyone I know has a cat or a dog and I fundraise for a local animal rescue centre (Freshfields).

  7. Brilliant sentiments! I would probably use the drinks one the most too many of my friends love a glass or two! I love the Red card Helen x

  8. Love these stamps.Yet another set of fantastic stamps. .My favourite most used sentiment is just for you as it covers lots of occasions.

  9. Awesome set of stamps...gotta be the animal one because I volunteer at our local wildlife sanctuary Gentleshaw & donate all my cards for them to sell!
    Hugs Shell xx

  10. Love your card, Helen, and what a fabulous idea, Rebecca, to design the interchangable sentiment sets. Such a difficult decision to choose just one favourite, but as I make a lot of baby cards, and help reabilitate native animals for release, (Native Animal Trust), I guess my choice is the second set. Also the little birdies and flowers circle is so versatile.

    Thank you for the chance to win one of these great sets.

    Jennifer. x

  11. Fabulous new stamp sets, I love them both. I think I would use the male ones the most, particularly the tools and football ones. Thank you for the chance of winning!

  12. I forgot to add that Nephew is the sentiment I would use the most. Thank you.

  13. The flowers circle I would use most I think but the male themed ones would come in pretty useful too xxx

  14. I think all of them would be very useful but I personally think I would use GRAND DAUGHTER the most as I have been looking for one for ages as I always make cards for my mum to give to her grand daughters so i would use it for birthdays and christmas. Brilliant stamps as always xx

  15. Amazing sentiment stamp sets with such a lovely twist.Such a fantastic new and usable concept.Well done for such an fabulous idea Rebecca.I would use the Mum sentiment with the girly theme circle.She lives in Scotland my Mum so I send her cards the most cause I miss her as well as my Sister- so soppy aren't I! I am sure both sets would be a welcome addition to anyone who is lucky enough to win.Thank you for the chance to win.I love to personalise my cards as it makes them even more special and gives them the perfect finishing touch.Hugs Debbie x