Friday, 24 April 2015

Friday Blog Project - Just a Note

Good morning everyone - it's Helen here with today's Friday blog project.  Before I start, you may have noticed that it's a case of 'great minds think alike' with my project and Lynsey's project on the blog yesterday!  It was a complete coincidence that we both decided to make similar projects!!

For my project you will need the following:

dark brown card and paper
white stamping card
post-it note pad
red gems 

And here's what you need to do:

1. Cut a piece of dark brown card measuring 9cm by 29cm.  With the longest sides facing towards you, score the card at 9cm, 18cm and 27cm.  This will give you three 9cm square panels and a small extra tab measuring 2cm by 9cm.  Fold the card as shown in the photo below:

2. Turn the card round - the first panel will be the base of your post-it note holder.  Cut a square of kraft paper measuring 8.5cm square and stick this to the dark brown base.  Stick your post-it note on top of this as shown in the photo below:

3. The next panel will be the front of the holder.  Cut another piece of kraft paper measuring 8.5cm square and a piece of the red gingham paper measuring 8cm square and stick these to the panel.  I've stamped the very cute 'Waggie Westie' stamp on a piece of white card measuring 6.5cm by 5cm and then matted this on to dark brown paper measuring 7cm by  I then attached this to the middle the gingham paper as shown in the photo below:

4. Turn the holder over and attach some double sided tape to the small end panel as shown in the photo below, folding it in before applying the tape:

5. Cut another piece of dark brown card measuring 6cm by 9cm and attach this to the small panel as shown in the photo below.  Still keeping the main holder face down, apply more tape to the added panel as shown in the photo below:

6. Fold the whole holder round so that the edge you have just applied the tape to sticks to the back of the panel with the post-it pad on it.  This is how the completed holder will look from the side:

7. I've then added some adhesive stones and used a stamp 'just a note' on the image panel - you could also use a computer generated sentiment:

This idea would work with any of the Little Claire Dinkies stamps - there's a great range on the website here.  Plus if you're a Dinkies fan, there are some great paper packs in the same section which are perfect to use with the Dinkies stamps plus some great new Dinkie Stamp Scalloped Edged cards, exclusive to Little Claire:

I will also be hosting a Little Claire workshop called Dinkie Cards on 30 May here on Wirral with example of using the Dinkies stamps to make large and small cards, showing how versatile they can be:

My class will run in the morning with the same class in the afternoon and Gill classes at the same time so you can spend the whole day with us.  Gill's class is called 'Heidi's Cards' - cards designed by the very talented Heidi

We have a lot of fun on the class days - lots of tea, coffee, biscuits as well as lots of Little Claire inspiration plus the chance to have some retail therapy too!  This is a photo from one of the workshops last year:

If you would like to come to one of our classes, all the details are on the website here.  If you live near Crawley, Heidi and Gill are also running classes there in July:

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend - you never know, the sun might last for the next few days!!


  1. These will make great little presents, lovely idea.

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  3. Another wonderful version! Love the image and the step by step photos. Debra x