Tuesday 14 April 2015

Competition Time!

designed by Diane
Hello everyone! The sun is shining here and the birds are chirping - it looks like it's going to be a wonderful day!
We love April, showers and all and to celebrate, we have 2 of our fabulous 'April Showers' stamp sets up for grabs.
First, have a look at these lovely cards made with the April Showers set...

designed by Helen

designed by Francy

designed by Gaynor

deisigned by Shary

designed by Marianne

You can make this amazing card when you purchase our April Club stamp 'April Showers' for £8.99 - you will receive the stamp set, a pre-cut card kit and project sheet with easy to follow instructions to make Heidi's card!

Now, for your CHANCE TO WIN!!  All you have to do is leave us a comment telling us what you love about this time of year. We will pick 2 lucky winners at random next Tuesday 21 April - best of luck!
The Little Claire Team xxx


  1. I love watching my garden come to life, fhe frogs and tadpoles in the pond and the lovely fresh smell after the rain.

  2. I love seeing all the new life emerge and the feeling of hope that gives me each spring.

  3. Beautiful cards!
    In this time of year I most love spring flowers and sun shining.

  4. First of all the sample cards are all so beautiful!
    I don't mind rain at all, and I think it always freshens the air afterwards. But most of all it's all the new life springing up, whether it's flowers, or creatures, makes one think that life goes on, hugs Kate x

  5. I love to see all the Vigorous and Excitement that Beams from my garden, with blooms and busy birds everywhere! I love to make Spring cards and these April Showers stamps are my favourite of all your club stamps! I'm a sucker for Rain Drops! Xxx

  6. I Love this year because the sun coming out to warm my ache body and the spirit is up by seeing all the beauty thats starting to wake up again, the flowers, bumble bees and butterflies. The baby lambs being born and seeing the leaves coming out on the trees. Oh that is spring for me.
    Love all the cards using the new stamps made from the team!

  7. Spring....warmer days, fresh breezes to blow the cobwebs away, nature beginning to burst into life. A perfect time of year. x

  8. New beginnings,all those beautiful little surprises you forgot you planted last year are popping up to say hello, ain't life grand.Dee.XX

  9. I am really excited this year for the weather to get warmer as my baby skunk will be coming out of semi-hibernation & I will be able to take him for some fabulous walks...also I will be able to sit outside with him & craft while he digs or sleeps in the sun! xx
    Thank you
    Hugs Shell xx

    1. Please send us a photo of you walking your baby skunk!

  10. Beautiful cards from the DT - thanks for sharing!
    What do I love about spring? I love seeing the bare branches on our Hornbeam hedge gradually turn green as the leaves come out, I love the bright and fresh colours of the daffodils and tulips when they bloom, but most of all I love the hustle and bustle of bird life on our seed feeders, accompanying us as we garden and popping in and out of the bird box ... hoping for a brood of blue tits this year!

  11. lighter evenings, the garden bursting into life and cherry blossom

  12. I love this time of year because my birthday is on the 18th ...lol..
    Thanks for the chance of winning one of your stamp sets. Xx

  13. I love the longer days and sunshine bringing everything back to life (including me) after the winter. It makes me feel energised.

  14. I love being able to open all the doors and windows and let the sunshine in, the lighter evenings and the lovely spring flowers especially the daffodils. Lovely sets of stamps.

  15. S Sun and showers.
    P Pack away the winter clothes !
    R Reorganise my craft stash
    I Invest in some me time
    N New life... all the baby birds
    G Garden coming to life

    All my reasons for Spring being my favourite time of year.Thanks for the chance of winning the lovely stamp set. x

  16. For me it's all about my three favourite things, my garden which is all about spring flowers and planting seeds, baking a lovely lemon drizzle cake and of course my crafting and all those lovely new cards to make and new stamps to treat myself too.. Just love the spring.

  17. Spring is my favourite time of the year. New life appearing with the birds in the garden. Fruit trees about to Blossom and deliver lots of fruit later in the year. Seeds to sow to bring forth beautiful flowers throughout the summer plus the advantage of having windows open and the days getting longer. Lovely selection of stamps.

  18. I love watching the garden change everyday bringing colour & inspiration. Also listening & seeing the busy birds collecting nesting as I cut the grass. Enjoy!

  19. I love this time of year. Spring for me is discovery time yet again! Plants that seem 'goners' suddenly blossom back into beautiful life - all things become bright and beautiful after a dreary dark winter. These stamps seem to encourage bright and beautiful ideas from your talented design team ! Thank you allowing us the chance to win.

  20. Oh wow I love these new stamps! The DT have showcased them so beautifully too!
    Spring is my favourite time of year, the country all brightening up with lighter days and pretty flowers! And I just love April showers! I could sit and watch the rain for hours!
    Lucy x

  21. I love Springtime! Seeing all the flowers starting to come to life in the gardens, the birds singing in the early, light mornings, and plenty of time to craft and make cards with Little Claire' stamps in the light evenings, an extra hour of daylight!! Thanks to all at Little Claire for a fabulous range of stamps.

  22. Spring time for me is when the flowers wake up and the days warm up. After the winters long sleep.
    The colour the sound of the birds is what lve been waiting for.
    Your stamps reflect this.

  23. Fabulous cards from the DT! I love watching the squirrels and birds on the green from my window. The crows and the squirrels are particularly funny chasing one another. It also great to put the winter woolies away for the year and get more colourful clothes out which cheer you up straight away. Debra x

  24. I love this time of years because there are so many things in bloom - fruit blossoms, tulips, rhodies, etc. And I love all the new calves, foals, ducklings, goslings, chicks. We obviously live in the country -haha.

  25. I totally love this time of year as all you know-April showers bring May flowers!
    "In the glow of the dawn,
    Welcome a new day,
    Greet the golden sunlight or rain,
    Nature in all its subtlety.
    Whip of the wind,
    Earth unfolds,
    Softly falling rain,
    Growing plants and buds blossoming.
    Visions of the earth, with glories of nature,
    Beauty of the daffodils,
    Sunshine and rain from a rainbow,
    Awe! Nature in full bloom."
    So I love this Nature God gifted beauty!

  26. I love seeing the flowers popping up and feeling warm when I go outside.