Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Two new Wavy Stamps!

Hello everyone

Our latest Wavy stamps have proven to be a huge success so we have been inspired to create more designs along this theme; here are our latest two and we will have more to follow:

Wavy Baby

Wavy Baby designed by Diane
We couldn't have a wavy theme of stamps without having a Baby and Wedding set could we?

Wavy Wedding

Wavy Wedding designed by Diane
We love these two designs and they both come with text too, see them both here £6.00 each OR BOTH FOR £8.00 - that's a £4.00 saving, incredible!


We love to read your comments, so tell us a memory that sticks in your mind the most from either a Wedding or Baby experience, it can be yours or a tale someone has told you - Gill's birth memory is of being in labour with her youngest daughter, in hospital on the Isle of Man, sat in a deckchair, rocking with pain whilst Steve was in the room eating a roast dinner!  Yep, strange place lol

We will announce 2 lucky winners of both stamp sets each (WOW!) next Tuesday 09 Feb, good luck!

and here are the details of our winners from our competition last week to win a pack of our Silhouette Romance Irresistible Images:

Valerija who said: My perfect dinner date would be Josh Lucas<3 .="" :="" and="" beautiful="" because="" blue="" br="" eyes="" has="" he="" smile="" such="">Hugs, Valerija

Pen Sunshinepen who said:  Morning I hope you receive this as last week I left a message for the competition but did not seem to be added....
I think I would love to have a date with Brian Cox the Physicist, he is sooooo dishy I melt each time I see him on TV Also I would love him to know that Albert Einstein wrote to my Dad, when Dad was a POW. I have the letter and its my most treasured possession.

Crafty hugs Pen x

Well done ladies, please contact Gill with your details to receive your prize.

LC x


  1. Hi! My baby story is when my second daughter was born. I woke up at three a.m. that Sunday and knew 'we were ready to go'! My husband rang the midwife... 45 mins later when things were getting a bit 'exciting' shall we say, he rang for an ambulance. I made it to the bathroom and there my daughter was born. Minutes later the midwife arrived n apologised that she'd had to wake her student.. The midwife had rung an ambulance plus the ambulance my husband had phoned turned up. That made two midwives, two ambulance crews and the neighbours from next door who came to see what was happening!!! All after the baby had arrived­čś« One of the ambulance men lived across the road, I couldn't quite look him in the eye after that☺️

  2. My wedding memory is arriving at our romantic hotel for the start of our honeymoon , to discover that we were sharing the venue with a Star Trek Convention. Live long and prosper!!

  3. In the morning on 1 January I thought I was on New Year's Eve ate something that is making me sick. But I quickly found that I need to go to the hospital... so my younger daughter was born on 1 January :)

    Wonderful new Wavy Stamps.
    Hugs, Valerija

  4. I heard of this wedding where the day before the bride was trying on The Dress and red wine got spilled on it. They tried to get it out but couldn't so they just got a tub, poured red wine in and dyed the whole thing pale pink! How's that for creative thinking?

  5. When my sister got married 40years ago my other two sisters and myself were bridesmaids.The minister said to my mum "I notice all your daughters have very good appetites".As 20 to 23 years old we were mortified although we can laugh at it now

  6. I love these new wavy stamps! They are wonderful! When I was having my daughter, I have to confess I turned into a stroppy demon! I kept demanding a cup of tea during quite far on labour and the midwife kept saying no cause it would make me sick! In they end, she couldn't stand my moaning anymore and gave me one - you can guess what happened! She was right and laughed a lot. It served me right! xxx

  7. Love the wavy designs, especially the new baby one - it's fab!! Pat x

  8. My first 'Baby' memory was holding one of my cousins' when she was only an hour old, just after completing & passing my childcare course at college. Love the new 'wavy' style of stamps.Thanks Little Claire

  9. Baby memory/ experience- holding a baby for the first time (when i was about 12) and thinking wow i didn't expect them to be this heavy lol... he was quite a few months old i guess but it took me aback just how heavy he was! Think i expected them to be a light as a feather :D

  10. Hiya I think my most memorable moment was the birth of my 2nd child, she came very very quick, it all started in the early hours. My husband at the time, drove me to the Cottage Hospital. Yes NO big hospitals back then. The nurse said "best get you ready" "NO I said my baby is coming now!! " and I was right. Out she popped and guess what .... both mid-wives fainted out cold on the floor. !!!! I had to buzz for help... I can still see the moment the mid-wives got back up off the floor... it is funny now but not back then.

    Well I am glad to say Baby, Mum (me) were all ok......

    Love the new Wavy stamps. So very clever.

    Crafty hugs Pen x