Wednesday, 2 April 2014

We've been busy...

...creating a whole new set of Dinkies stamps and we are pretty pleased with what we have in our Dinkie section now:

We have Dinkie Underpants, Dinkie Wellies, Dinkie Dogs, Dinkie Cats, Dinkie Flowers, Dinkie Hedgehogs, Dinkie Elephants...the list is endless and these super little stamps (not so little either!) all available to buy for just £2.00 each click here to see the full range - you'll love them!

Little Claire x


  1. These are dinky delightful x

  2. What a fab selection of Dinkies. I have a few and they are lovely - small but perfectly formed! Will definitely look at for some of these next time I'm at a show. Pat x

  3. Well that made me smile starting a sentence with we have Dinkie underpants. Love these, those wellies are fab. I bought the dinkie cat silhouette must have a play

  4. Thanks ladies, yes we do like the dinkie underpants!

  5. So cute.will have to treat myself x
    Love the underpants too.ha ha x