Thursday, 5 September 2013

September Club Card

It's Helen N here and this month it was my turn to design the card using the new club stamp set 'Feed the Birds'.  All club members received the pre-cut materials to make the card which you can see above.  In this post I'm going to share some more detailed instructions and also a few extra photographs.

Here's what you'll need to make the card:

brown ink pad (the older, the better!)
white sheer ribbon
Promarkers - Pear Green, Poppy, Caramel, Sandstone, Tan, Cardinal Red, Satin, Blush, Buttercup, Cool Grey 3

And here's what you need to do:

 1. Attach the image of the little girl and tree to an acrylic block and use a piece of masking tape to cover up the tree.  If you look at the picture below, you'll see that I've placed the tape at an angle so the two little birds on the ground will still stamp but the tree won't.  Ink the stamp with the Memento ink, as I have in the photo, and then remove the masking tape before stamping the image on to a piece of card measuring 6.5cm by 4.5cm

2. This is what the stamped image should look like:

3. Next, follow the same process in reverse to get the stamped tree image.  Cover up the little girl on the stamp with masking tape as shown in the photo before, ink up and then remove the masking tape before stamping the image on a piece of card measuring 6.5cm by 4.5cm.

4. And this is what the resulting stamped image should look like:

5. Next stamp the remaining two panels - the sentiment on to a piece of card measuring 5.5cm by 2.5cm and the calendar image on to a piece of card measuring 6.5cm by 5.5cm.  Your four stamped images should look like this:

6. I've created a 'faux layer' round each of the stamped image panels using the chisel tip of the Sandstone Promarker.  Hold the card against the tip of the Promarker - it will sink in to the tip slightly - and then 'wipe' down each edge of the card in one continuous stroke.  Do this as lightly as you can and build up the layers of colour.

7. Colour the rest of the images using Promarkers.

8. Before attaching the kraft and the patterned paper to the tag, edge with the brown ink pad.  Ideally, you need an old, dry ink pad for this and again, build up the colour on the paper.

9. Layer up the tag as shown in the photo above.  Finally, colour the ribbon using the Cardinal Red Promarker.  To do this, lay the ribbon flat on scrap paper and then 'wipe' along it with the chisel tip of the Promarker.  With a darker colour like the Cardinal Red, you will probably only need to do this one to colour both sides - lighter colours need more ink applied to them.

10. Cut the ribbon in to four pieces and tie through the tag.  Close the tag, hold all the ribbons together and cut all four at once to make them the same length.

Don't forget to have a look at the gallery for the stamp set to see the cards made the rest of the Design Team - there's lots of inspiration there.


  1. I love these stamps - they're just fabulous! Can't wait to get creating - thanks for the inspiration x

  2. Thanks for the tutorial-think im going to join!!x