Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Here's an old favourite...

...we think it's 'time' for our Stopwatch stamp to be brushed down and brought out from the shadows:

a versatile stamp which lends itself perfectly to cards for men:

designed by Helen N

designed by Helen N
Our Stopwatch also works well for creating backgrounds and using with Ultra Thick Emb Powder (UTEE), you get a good, deep inprint.

Now and again we spot stamps not designed by us which we like so much we can't resist stocking them and sharing with our customers - two such stamps are these two from Woodware:

Steam Train Postcard

and Snowman Banners:

A great stamp set where the snowman can be holding all sorts of different banners, you can see below that he is holding the birds on the twig but he could be holding the baublers or fairy lights or bunting and we love the sentiment: 'a warm little wish on a wintery day...'

Keep warm and dry (its forecast for lots of rain today here in the North West UK) so a perfect day to craft.

Little Claire x

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