Thursday, 3 November 2016

Strangely feeling a little bit festive today...

Don't know what it is, might be the weather, heavy grey sky here (Wirral) and quite dark, but suddenly had a little Christmas tingle (do you ever get that, the Christmas 'feeling'?)

So I got looking through some of our Christmas designs and they did the trick, cheered me up on a dull day...SO, thought I would share with you too, feast your eyes upon a delightful selection:

Bauble Hedgehog stamp
We just LOVE our Bauble Hedgehog stamp, can I let you into a secret?  It wasn't supposed to be called 'Bauble Hedgehog' at all, should have been something like 'Christmas Tree Hedgehog' which is more appropriate given that there are no baubles in sight, don't know what happened, can only think that I was having a menopausal moment when naming it... lol

Here are the 'Bauble' Hedgehogs again, mounted onto our Christmas Doodles paper, a great pack comes in 2 sizes and lots of colours.

Nativity Scene
Here is our Dinkie Nativity Scene stamp, again another favourite (and aptly named this time!), the background paper is from our Christmas Jewels papers which come in a choice of colours and sizes and the blank card is our exclusive Elegant Edge cards and envs pack.

Was going to share more designs and ideas but this blog post is in danger of becoming too long (sorry about that) so I will come back another day with more lovely images to share with you.

If you like either of the stamps featured in this post you will be pleased to know that they are only £2.00 each, yep, we think that is so good and you can also find the papers and blank cards mentioned on our web here

Best wishes
LC Designs xxx