Thursday, 7 July 2016

and as if we haven't tempted you enough already...

...we go and bring out 3 new Wavy Stamps (sorry) but we couldn't keep these beauties hidden any longer, so say a big HELLO to: Wavy Fairies

a lovely design complete with great text too which you can see on the card below.  The background paper is from our Splodge packs and the blank card is our new exclusive Elegant Landscape cards

designed by Helen
 We will feature the other two sets in future posts, but here is a pic of all 3 sets and we love them!

Each stamp set £6.00 OR you can buy all three for £12.00 (get one FREE!) here

LC Team x


  1. 3 more super sets...I love your wavy stamps...they are on my wish list xx

  2. These stamps are wonderful - going to be a must for me. The wavy stamps are just great :)