Thursday, 19 November 2015

Digi Stamp project: gift envelope

I made a gift envelope with Little Claire's cute digi Cat with Santa hat.

- digi Cat with Santa hat
- sentiment digi Merry and Bright
- 2 design papers
- ribbon
- double sided foam tape
- paper distresser
- stapler
- wooden stars
- color medium
- Here's a link to Lisa's clear explanation about downloading and resizing digi's

Step by step:
1. Start with 2 design papers of 21 x 12,5 cm. On this photo you see the backside, so you can see the folding lines.
2. Score the paper with stars at 16 cm and the striped one at 14,5 cm.
3. Use the paper distresser for all edges.
4. Use a die cut to give shape to the end of the striped papers and make 2 holes.
5. Close to mark with a pencil the holes in the paper with stars.
6. Put a ribbon through these holes, adhere doublesided foam tape and close, so a tag can be added.
7. Make a tag from the striped paper (14,5 x 6 cm) and cut 2 corners, use the paper distresser and score at 12 cm.
8. Adhere with double sided foam tape and close.
9. Make a hole at the top and attach a ribbon through it and use a staple as extra detail.
10. Download and print the 'Merry and Bright' text (it had the right size, so there was no need for resizing).
11. Distress the edges and glue it on.
Here's the backside with a gift.
Here you can see the tag in the gift envelope.
12. Download the cute 'Cat with Santa hat' (this digi had the right size too).
13. Color with your own color medium (I colored with copics).
14. Fussy cut it.
15. Put double sided foam tape behind the image and glue it on the front side.
This is the backside of the gift envelope with my watermark and my QR barcode.
And here's the finished gift envelope when it is closed with a bow.
16. Decorate with some wooden stars.
Hope I have given you some inspiration.
xxx Margreet