Thursday, 26 March 2015

Thursday Digi Stamp Blog Project - Tweet Wishes

Hello it`s Alli here and this is the card I have made using the March digi challenge (shaped card) as inspiration. I hope you like it because I loved making it and I am so pleased with how it has turned out. Happy crafting.

what you will need:
6" x 6" base card
6" x 6" craft card
A4 cream fine linen paper to print the stamp onto
Spellinders Borderbilities A2 Scalloped Borders One (die)
die cutting machine
colouring implements of your choice
Glossy Accents
Sekura glitter pen
fine tip black pen

In your graphics programe draw guidelines for a 6" x 3 1/5" card base (the finished card will measure nearer 6" x 4 3/4"). Insert the digi stamp and re-size it to measure 3 3/4" from side and 1" from the top guide line. You can print the image at this stage and then hand stamp on a sentiment later, or you can write the sentiment now with your graphics programme. I use Serif Craft Artist as my graphics programme and I used "Tropical Script BTN Bamboo" 56.36pt for the word Tweet and "Galeforce" 23.07pt for the word wishes. Place the words below the digi stamp image but no lower than 2 1/2" below the birds head. Print the topper onto cream fine linen paper. Tip: Try using ordinary fine linen paper to print on if you don`t have the print paper version. 

If you wish to hand stamp your sentiment then do it now, as with the printed version make sure the words do not go lower than 2 1/2" below the birds head.

Centre the image within 6" x 6" lines along the side and cut along the lines.

Attach the Spellbinders die No. 2 to the paper about 3" down from the left vine tendril to the cutting line of the die and then secure die No 1 above it. Make sure that the dies are square to the design. Run the paper through the die cutting machine (if you are using a Cuttlebug or a similar small die cutting machine you may wish to trim the card to enable it to go through sideways, but it will just squeeze through lengthways).


With a black fine tip pen draw two little hearts to the right of the sentiment.
Colour your digi stamp image.
Using the Sekura glitter pen draw along the vine tendrils and the middle of the flowers. Use Glossy Accents on the hearts.

Allowing a 1/4" overhang at the fold line lightly secure (from behind) the craft card to the front of the base card.
Attach the Spellbnder die (No 2) 4 3/8" from the top of the craft card to the cutting line of the die (make sure the die is square to the sides of the base card). Open the base card so it is flat and run through the die cutting machine. It is better to cut the two layers of card together so as not to have one layer slightly larger than the other due to drag through the machine.
Stick the craft card to the base card, aligning the bottom edge.
Trim the craft card.

Align the topper onto the craft card and cut to the required size to mat and layer.
Stick the topper to the craft card (align the bottom edge first).

The back of the card is not shaped so fold the base card and trim the back to size.




  1. Oh wow Alli what a "tweet" and very pretty card !!

    hugs Diane xx

  2. Really pretty card! Love the digi! xxx

  3. WOW. What a lovely cheerful card. I love it Alli x Jeanet x

  4. WOW. What a lovely cheerful card, Alli I love it. x