Friday, 19 December 2014

Last minute makes !!

With all the christmas rush we all find we need an extra prezzie or stocking filler, well what about making a few of these fab bookmarks which can be made in a jiffy !!

All you need is:
A piece of white card 2" x 8 1/4"
One Stix 2 Bookmark Cover
Little Claire Stamps
Two lenghts of ribbon
Hole punch
Colouring pens of your choice

 Just stamp randomly your image onto the piece of white card and colour in using your pen choice, For mine I used spectrum noir pens, because the ink bleeds through you will need to back your bookmark with another piece of white card or patterned paper the same size before popping it into the bookmark cover. 

Now just punch a hole in the top to thread a piece of double ribbon through and tie another piece of ribbon to make a bow round this 


If using the Manphabet stamp set to spell a word like this football one, you will need to stamp the word down the front first,  then fill in the gaps .

A quick handy little present for anyone and so many Little Claire stamps to use !!

Happy Christmas guys !!

hugs Diane xx


  1. Wonderful bookmarks Diane! These are really striking and a great last minute gift. Debra x

  2. Lovely Bookmarks Diane, thank you x