Thursday, 9 October 2014

We have a winner(s)!

Hello everyone

It is raining like mad here today but we are all toasty and warm in our shed and even our little cat 'baby' is curled up in an order basket keeping us company (and keeping nice and warm), Steve painted the shed in the recent dry weather and took this picture one night, can't really see the colour but it's a nice green and cream:

Little Claire HQ
Today is the day that we announce the winner of our blog competition from last week when we asked you to tell us how you first heard about Little Claire, we had lots of comments (thank you) great fun to read through the all and we also put the competition out on our facebook page too, and again, lots of entries - so we have 2 Winners; 1 from our blog and 1 from our facebook:

Blog Winner:
Lucy Woods: Wow what a fab project and such great stamps! Perfect for Christmas cards for all genders and ages!
I think I came across your stamps in a card making magazine a few years ago! Your gorgeous garden stamps and I just had to buy them!!

Facebook Winner:
Angie Downing: The GNPE Harrogate a few years ago where I kept returning to the stand to buy more!! The stamps are fabulous original designs and some fun characters I have come to love and look out for x

Well done ladies, please contact Carol with your details, and thanks again to everyone for leaving their comments.

Our winners each won the latest stamp set for October; 'Christmas Snowmen' 

complete with a pack to make this mini album using the stamps in the set:

designed by Heidi
Keep warm and happy wherever you are, talking about keeping happy - what do you do to keep happy (apart from crafting!) any tips for keeping your chin up???

Let us know and we may have a surprise prize next week x


  1. Congratulations you lucky ladies xx

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Playing with my little granddaughter, Freya, makes me happy! Also it's just being with my gorgeous husband, seeing family and friends and being content with the little things life has to offer. It's gets you through the rubbish times too! xxx

  3. Yippee!! Thank you ever so much! I'm having such a hard week with health problems and my old doggy was put down on Monday :'-( so this is just what I needed thank you! Lots of snowmen xmas cards this year then :-)

  4. Well done lucky ladies, I think I must have missed that post. I do think that happiness is within us, we need to focus on those things which are so important...our family and friends as they are the ones who keep us afloat when the going gets tough. Life is a constant change, we never know what is around the corner. Spending time with them and getting outside in the fresh air is such a boost x

  5. Think how lucky I am to have a lovely husband, fantastic Mum and great friends.Some people have no one at all !!

  6. Congratulations to my Best Friend Angie Downing, she love's "Little Claire Designs" and is a member of the club, so I am pleased she has won a goodie bag.

  7. Well done to the winners ! If I'm feeling low I go and sit with one of our cats, Chile, he is nearly always on the bed, so I lay down next to him, and after a few face rubs from him I soon feel a lot brighter, and calmer :o) If I go to have a dabble in my craft room, usually either he or Minnie will find me, and jump up on my desk to join in, and Chile has a habit of jumping on my lap, walking up me, standing on my shoulder and rubbing his face on the ribbon reels I have strung along a rod under the shelf , always makes me smile x