Thursday, 11 September 2014


Yes, as you know, here at Little Claire we just love our feline friends and today we thought we'd share with you photos of our precious moggies.

Firstly, here our Gill and Steve's two beauties...
LC (or Elsie Pelsey as we like to call her), this is a bit of a weird photo of her mid yawn but really she is so pretty (and she does have ears!)  She's obsessed with cat treats (and then more cat treats!)

And then there's Baby, who follows Gill around with her fluffy tail swishing about!

Here's Carol's cat, Mabel, who looks a cutie but will sometimes take a swipe at you for no reason when you walk past her ...

This is Mabel's playmate, Skinny, in his favourite spot, the garden deckchair...

Skinny and Mabel
Here are some of our teamies' cats. Gaynor's two, Billy and Isla, how adorable are these...


and Heidi's Coco - what a poser!

Finally, here is Marianne's beloved cat, Bramble, no longer with us but we're sure fondly remembered...

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”
Charles Dickens

While we're on the theme of cats, here are a selection of cards made with our favourite cat stamps...

Can't Make Tea stamp £5.50

Can't make on knee
Can't make tea...
Cats in a Box stamp £6.50...
Cat in a Box

And Swirly Whirly Cats £4.50

Swirly Whirly Cats

Enough cat talk, let's get on with announcing the winner of last week's blog competition.  We asked you to tell us what you like most about Christmas.  Thank you for your festive responses, it made us feel all warm and cosy inside. Here's the winning entry from Kate...

I enjoy all those houses that are lit up on the outside, they lifted my spirits when I was travelling back and forth to visit my mum in hospital a few years ago. I laughed at the santas climbing into chimneys, flashing christmas trees and loads of other decorations. My mum was in her final days with cancer, but it gave me something to tell her about, and she enjoyed my descriptions. So I always look at these brightly decorated homes and remember how they helped me through a very sad time. Mum died a few days before christmas, Kate x

Kate, please can you email Carol with your address and we will send you your prize!

That's all for now, have a nice day, with or without your cats!

Love from the Little Claire Team xxx


  1. What a fun blog post and what a poignant story from Kate, a worthy winner x

  2. Congratulations Kate on your well deserved win.
    I love today's post as we have three cats. When we lost one we eventually decided to get some company for our other cat last December. My youngest son (21) wanted a tabby so we asked the RSPCA who'd just got a litter and one was a female tabby- I insist on girl cats as I have two sons and my hubby and don't want any more men in my life! So we all went to see the litter, there were two male tabby, and Kieran picked up the tabby girl then the foster mum added that in the litter was also a black and white girl. Chris ,my eldest (24), had loved the black and white cat we lost so picked up this one both saying I want this one. My hubby was determined we had just one so went home to decide which to have. Well we've never seen our grown lads looking so sad eyed asking for the one they liked so I'm sure you've guessed we got them both. I wouldn't mind but they chose their names then went back to University leaving them to us but it was a good thing we got both as our older cat doesn't particularly like them so they play together. Sorry for the long story but thought all you cat lovers might like it.
    Oh, and all the cards are wonderful too!!! Debra x

  3. What a lovely story Debra, we can totally understand you getting both cats, would have done the same xxx