Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tuesday morning...

..finds us busy processing our club packs for April, Carol is currently doing this and I keep distracting her, we are currently fantasizing about eating scones (the whole works with cream and jam) sitting in a courtyard in the sun, with flowers in pots, listening to the birds, a cat nearby and bees buzzing, with the sun not too hot but warm enough to warm the bones!

Anyway, back to reality!  Yes we have started to process our club packs so all our lovely club members will be receiving a nice package in the post this week, and here's a special message to all our members: make sure you read the newsletter in your pack this month because it contains details of a very special club member offer - not to be missed!

We asked last week whether or not you would like a bit of a sneak peek of April's club stamps, the answer was 'yes' so here we are:

Look away now if you don't want to see:



OK, that's it, the packs are being processed and will be on their way to club members this week, and please check your newsletter!

If you would like to join our club or find out more info click here or give us a call: 0844 800 4376

Have a good day, Little Claire x


  1. oooo excited - can't wait for mine to arrive xx

  2. Wonderful news! I've only been with the club for a couple of months and it is such good value!