Thursday, 23 May 2013

Little Claire's Dinkies!

We have newly released a range of 'dinkie' Little Claire stamps - some of our favourite designs, in miniature!

These new little stamps are on our web right now and here is a small selection:

Dinkie Geranium

Geranium Card
All of these cards have been made by Helen N and she used the lovely poppy stamp 3 times to create the card below:
Dinkie Poppies

Poppy Card

Dinkie Baby
and here we have a card for a baby girl:

and a baby boy:

Just change the colour of the paper, paper-piece the sling and the little dinkie stamp is suitable for girl or boy!

These great new Dinkies are available for just £2.00 each on our web

Dinkie Christmas Car

Dinkie Car
So head on over, take a peek and see if there is a new Dinkie just for you!

Little Claire x

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