Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday Project - Quick Christmas cards

I can't believe it's November already. Where has the year gone? It's not long until Christmas now so it's time to start thinking about making your Christmas cards. There are some very organised crafters who may have already finished but I expect there are a lot, like me, who haven't really start and know they have loads to make.

So today, I (Georgina) would like to share with you an idea for a quick Christmas card. It a very versatile design that can be make in a variety of colours as I will show. So if you like a traditional green or red, or something different like black. To make the four different coloured cards as shown below will take about an hour.

The Little Claire stamp I will be using for this card is Christmas Beach Huts. This is also the Stamp of the Month so is available at a special offer price of only £4.50!

To make this card you will need:
119x119mm card blanks
Coloured card
Smooth white card
Coloured ink pads
A snowflake stamp
3mm satin ribbon
Hole punch
Red strong tape
Coloured pens ( I used fineliners but you could use ProMarkers with fine nibs)
Red and Star Dust Stickles
1. Stamp a snowflake design around the edge of the card blanks using coloured ink pads. I have stamped snowflakes in black, red, green and blue.

2. Cut four pieces of coloured card 10x10cm to co-ordinate with the coloured stamped snowflakes. So I have cut a square of black, red, green and blue. Also cut four squares of smooth white card 9x9cm.

3. Stamp the Christmas Beach Hut stamp in co-ordinating colours onto the smooth white card.

4. Colour the snowman's hat and scarf to match the ink used to stamp the Beach Hut image. Also colour the robin.

5. Attached the coloured images onto the co-ordinating square of coloured card.
6. Stamp greetings tags using the Christmas Tag stamps. Cut out each tag and punch a hole through the top.Thread ribbon through the tag.
7. Attached the tag and ribbon to the mounted stamped image. Stick the ends of the ribbon behind the coloured card with strong red tape.Tie a bow with the ribbon and attached to the ribbon with strong red tape.

8. Attached the image panels onto the co-ordinating card blanks. To finish add Stickles.

I hope I have given you an idea for a quick Christmas card. Happy Christmas crafting!


  1. Fabulous xmas cards. I just love the idea of snowmen on the beach xx

  2. great xmas cards - really love that stamp xx

  3. Hi Georgina, these look fantastic! I love how you have stamped around the outside of the card blanks. That is a great idea! I'm going to have to try that one. :)I really like how you've used one main colour of ink for each. It's really effective. Love it!


    Little Purple Forest

  4. Really useful card idea, thank you x

  5. Great idea Georgina. I have made about 30 beach hut cards and have painstakingly coloured them all in - every inch! They look great though, especially in red and gold. In future I think I may just go with your idea! Pat x