Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Did you know......?

That our Daisy Dot Alphabet & Numbers stamps
Fit perfectly inside our Save the Date stamps?

We didn't either! Until it was pointed out to us by our clever DT member, Georgina (who also happened to design these fab stamps) What a great idea!
Save the Date is such a useful set of circular stamps which celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations AND the best bit is you can put your numbers inside the circle so you will never be lost for the correct age or anniversay again!
We have even included the 'th', 'st', 'nd' & 'rd' (they all fit inside with the numbers) and to top it all off, we have a 'Handmade by' stamp with space for your signature!

Daisy Dot Alphabet & Numbers stamp set was inspired by a field of daises and this stamp set is so delicate in design that it is perfect for your card creations.

There are 39 stamps in this set and the numbers 0 - 9

We are really pleased with this discovery and if you have both sets, we hope you will find this combination very useful and here is a card that Georgina made showing the end result together with our Daisy Bunting stamp:
designed by Georgina
Daisy Dot letter inside Save the Date greeting

Little Claire x


  1. how clever they look so beautiful together too xx

  2. How fabulous about the stamps and your card is gorgeous I have just purchased daisy bunting she is so pretty and is due for an ink later well done Hugs Elaine

  3. No, I didn't realise that, but now that I do I will put them both on my wishlist
    Thanks for sharing
    Jane xx