Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New Month - New Club Stamps...

Here is our club set for July:
'Bright Blue Skies'
This set contains 5 stamps, the characters and butterflies are great for colouring and paper piecing and they come complete with super text too!
Here are a selection of cards made by the ladies in our Design Team and first we have two from Helen N showing the use of paper piecing:
'Bright Blue Skies; Boy' designed by Helen N
'Bright Blue Skies; Girl' designed by Helen N
Can you see how Helen has used the gingham paper for the clothes to match the background?

And here is a card made by Georgina where she has used the Butterflies from the set as the main feature and can you see how she has created a faint butterfly background again with these stamps - the text is also included within the set:
'Bright Blue Skies' butterflies & text, designed by Georgina
Are here are two cards made by Helen R:
designed by Helen R
We have lots more lovelies to share from this super set, so we'll post some more cards tomorrow.

So, this is our new Club set for JULY, and we are feeling quite generous here today - if you are not a club member and fancy seeing what the membership entails then here goes another competition:

Just leave a comment telling us what make you HAPPY and we will draw a lucky winner on Friday 06 July, to receive the full Little Claire club pack which includes our new stamp set, a project pack containing everything you need to make a lovely card with the stamps and two more colour project ideas.

So 'get commenting!' we are waiting to hear from you!
Little Claire & Carol - which one is Little Claire (aka Gill?)
Which one is 'Little Claire' left or right?


  1. What a fab competition :)... Crafting with my girls makes me happy as its a great way to spend family time.

  2. what makes me happy...
    seeing my eldest son's face light up everyday when he sees me at the school gate x

  3. ohhhh what a lovely summer stamps. They would perfectly fit in my collection. They are great,love them. Also very nice creations of the dt!!! congrats ladies!!! nice work! love your styles!

  4. Hi Little Claire, those cards and stamps look lovely. The little girl and boy remind me of my kids, and what makes me happy, like the stamps, playing out with them on a lovely sunny summers day. Thanks for the chance to win them.
    Jo x

  5. Crafting makes me HAPPY! And as the weather is so awful at the moment, I have a very good excuse to stay in a do more crafting!

  6. What a super set of stamps.
    What makes me happy is seeing the sun shining. I always find I am more creative on a sunny day.
    Keep up the great work designing the stamps and the fabulous DT providing us with such lovely inspiration.
    Hugs RozzyB xx

  7. Great stamp set love the fact you can use all the stamp seperately & together - What would make me happy, hmmm seeing the sun at some point this summer !! Easily pleased :)

  8. HAPPY is when everyone is out, the housework is all done, I have new stash to play with and nothing better to do.............
    Debbie xx

  9. What lovely comments, some of them almost bring a tear to my eye!
    I like this, finding out what makes you happy, it makes for good reading, more please!

  10. The simple things in life make me happy, like waking up on a morning and listening to the birds singing (maybe some days they start just a little too early lol) my main one being if my kids are happy then im happy.
    By the way these are lovely stamps.

  11. The first thing that makes me happy is the greeting I get from my two dogs every time I come home !! The second that makes me happy is making others happy, a kind thought can make someones day !! The last thing that makes me happy is crafting companys like you who bring us crafters such fab things to play with !! THANK YOU !!

    hugs Diane xx

  12. Love these stamps. I just bought some Little Claire stamps at the Bracknell show, so looking forward to crafting with them. I was really HAPPY when I was at the show as I love shopping for craft and looking at the lovely samples and techniques. I think Little Claire is on the right.

  13. WOUW these stamps are just sooooo sooo cute.
    I´ll tell you what makes me happy just now, that my loving hubby has just made me a truely amazing new big craftroom, where there´s room to spend time with all my 7 granddaughter, who also loves to craft, all at the same time. That´s the ultimative happines I can tell.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win these beauties, I´m crossing everything possible here now.

  14. Hi

    Stamps fab as usual, you guys cost me a fortune!

  15. Such cute stamps, love them.
    My puppy dogs and kitty cats make me happy, no matter how tough things are, they cheer me up and love me anyway.
    Carol C xx

  16. my family, sunshine and crafting - pure happiness!
    Thank you.

  17. The thing that makes me the most happy is spending time with my gorgeous family
    Hearing my little girl giggling when she is having fun or daddy is tickling her

  18. The thing that makes me happy at the moment is knowing that I RETIRE this week which means I will have more time to craft and play with lovely stamps like these. Thanks for the chance. Loving the cards ladies. Hugs Christine x

  19. Sharon allsopp3 July 2012 at 21:11

    People telling me how nice my cards are makes me really happy

  20. Finishing six month of chemotherapy, not having to visit the hospital twice a week and being able to have a holiday makes me and my family all really happy.

    Great stamps, Lynne

  21. What a lovely set of stamps and great inspiration from your Design Team. What makes me happy is seeing my children grow, mature, achieve and their overall happiness. Also a selfish moment crafting makes me happy!

  22. Now that my three children are all in their twenties and have left home, nothing makes me happier than when they come home for Christmas or Easter together with all their washing and their untidy habits but I don't care cos' it's just great to have them all home again!!! (Oh! and nothing better to do than spend the whole day crafting - which doesn't happen very often!!) Thanks for another lovely set of stamps. Stef x

  23. What makes me happy? A sunny day spent with good friends and a lovely meal together. The feeling you get when you a friend calls and thanks you for "the lovely card you've made." Crafting and making things that make other people happy.

  24. So many things make me happy. My lovely hubby, good friends, going on holiday, sunshine, crafting and blogging of course, getting lovely comments from fellow crafters and customers at craft fairs and getting new crafty stash. Love these new stamps, gorgeous butterflies.

  25. These are lovely stamps so cute.
    Snuggles in bed with my babies (well not babies 5, 1l and 16) make me the happiest.
    Thanks for more super stamps

  26. Love those cute stamps your Dt did a stunning job on showcasing them and what makes me Happy is this summer we have A/C for the 1st time ever and OMG it's Wonderful ... Simple pleasures just make me happy I'm not that fussy hugs Nikki

  27. wow... love the stamps!! butterfly kisses are too cute! what makes me happy is craftin.. and when my teenager daughter actually wants to spend time with me ;)

  28. WOW Such a beautiful card Fabulous designing Thanks for sharing...
    Scratch Card

  29. Dear Little Claire,

    I regularly receive your e-mail news.

    I don’ know how to leave a comment on your blog but would like to enter your competition on “what makes you happy”.

    What makes me happy is watching my beautiful 11 year old Airedale Terrier frolic about after she has had a haircut, looking so happy and pleased with life. It just warms the cockles of your heart and to watch her brings a smile to ones face.

    I think Little Claire is sitting on the right with the striped top on.

    Kind regards.

    Maria Pert

    Published by Little Claire on behalf of Maria

  30. I think little Clair is on the left

    I wold live the chance to win these stamps there just fab

    Madulla Bhula

    Posted by Little Claire on behalf of Madulla

  31. What makes me happy is to wait for the postman to deliver monthly my new stamp and to discover the choice you made. Also how wonderful to find out that you knew who I was the first time I rang your offices, it made me feel very special. Thank you.

    marie jose gazeres de baradieu
    (not clever enough to put this on the blog)

    Posted on behalf of Marie Jose by Little Claire

  32. What a great question, I should say that my family and friends make me happy, and of course they do, but they are followed very quickly by my crafting!
    Thanks for giving me a chance to think what makes me smile! xxx

  33. After a hard week knowing i have some time to sit and create and play with my craft stamps. Either that or a long glass of wine after the long week lol!

  34. Knowing after a realy hard week i have some time put by to create and play with my craft stamps. Either that or a well earned glass of wine at the end of the week lol!

  35. Looking through my photo box to make scrapbook and mini albums for gifts, makes me Happy!!!
    Great memories.

  36. The postie arriving with crafty goodies always makes me happy :D
    Carol xx

  37. So many things make me happy, crafting & creating being one, but what makes me happiest of all is having my 3yr old wrap his arms around my neck, then he gives me a "supersonic" kiss & tells me he loves me. Makes my heart feel fit to burst every time.
    Oh & I think Little Claire is on the right in the photo xxxx

  38. being with my family and sharing all those precious moments

  39. Such fab stamps. Chocolate makes me happy, especially Thorntons. I'm on a diet at the mo and haven't had any choccies for a few weeks so I'm starting to crave them now.

    Julie W x

  40. Being at home with my DH & our furry babies; spending time in my craftroom with the 4-legged ones going back and forth between me & my DH.