Friday, 11 May 2012

Cat in a Box!

We have sold the stamp 'Cat in a Box' here for a long time as it is always so popular but we never thought that we would literally have our own, live, Cat in a Box.....
Ginny Cat in the smallest box!
 Here is our Ginny and this is what she did yesterday, the smallest box she could find, she then tried to curl around to settle but of course, there was no way that was going to happen....but how cute does she look and surrounded by lots of gorgeous cards..........
Ginny Cat & our Carol
So then off she went to sit with Carol - no work to be done today!  She eventually settled down when Carol fetched a chair and placed it next to her - but don't they do the funniest things?
Does your cat sleep in an unusual place?  We would love to know.........
Little Claire x


  1. I have a lovely pic of my cat many years ago curled up in a cardboard box in the garden. We had used it to carry some plants home and we busy planting when Bramble decided the box was a good bed. Great pics of your lovely cat.

  2. Thanks Marianne, over on our Facebook we seem to have started a trend of 'cat in a box' and now 'dog in a box' too - some cute pics have been posted!

  3. My daughter has a puppy Staffie dog and he sleeps in an Ikea bag

  4. Ginny is a beauty !!

    I don`t have a cat, but two dogs. You never know were you will find my old dog Taz asleep. I find myself on my hands and knees looking underneath everything, beds, cupboards, behind heaters, she likes to be squashed !!

    hugs Diane xx

  5. Thanks for your comments Sue & Diane; good to hear about your dogs I guess that all of our pets have their foibles!