Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Customer Gallery Day 3

We hope you're enjoying the cards from our customers - it's been lovely to see all the great cards that you've made using our products and we've really enjoyed looking at the e-mails you sent us!

And so on to today's two cards.

The first one is from Jane Orson who has made a very elegant shaped card using the Red Gingham 'Cold Crisp Kisses' stamp:

And next this card from Kay Coney using the 'Bike Set' - great colours and look out for the bottles in the basket on the front of the bike:

Thanks to Jane and Kay for their photos - please do leave us a comment to let them and us know what you think of today's cards.

And don't forget to come back tomorrow for some more great customer creations!


  1. Yet more fab cards - love them both! Very clever people!

  2. Both lovely cards. Great work girls. Marianne x

  3. Great cards, particularly Jane's card. Am biased though because I am the lucky recipient!

  4. Both cards are lovely, and I really like the colours and design of the bike card, well done to you both ! Anne Chilvers x

  5. I like the first one :) its so cute. but i don't understad from where this card will open? can you post it's inner side snap?
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  6. 2 brilliant cards.... I love the 1st one....
    I am so gonna be buyin some of these stamps after

  7. 2 gorgeous cards ladies...Jane i love the colour & the shape of yours & Kay great colour and fabbie image :D
    hugs and xxx

  8. Hi Khushifairy, this is just a semicircular card but I stood it on a base to photograph it, so it just lifts up from the bottom.