Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Elsie helping out!

Hi and thank you to everyone who visited us at the Alexandra Palace show this weekend, it was a super show and the sun shone too, which was great!

We are busy sorting ourselves out before our next show at Thetford this Sunday 17 May, but thought we would share this picture of Elsie sitting on Carol's knee:

Elsie & Carol hard at work!
I think we will have her answering the phone soon and maybe designing some stamps - any guesses what her preference would be?

More card inspiration coming with next blog, bye for now...........xxx


  1. Aah, how cute is little Elsie xx

  2. Aww she is so sweet - I'm currently struggling with one of our cats 'helping' at my computer right now. Sarah

  3. Gosh, she is the image of my cat I had called Rocky. I got him from a local rescue centre. He was my shadow, always at my side. Carol xx

  4. I tried posting this the other day, but internet was playing up I think. I have the same problem with one of our cats always wanting to be sitting on my lap when at the computer! At the time I was trying to type around his tail. Lovely pic. Sarah

  5. Elsie is adorable, I had a cat that looked just like here. Her name was Memphis and she would always sit and sleep on me, she was a tiny thing, weighed about 5 pounds. She lived to be 20 and I miss her terribly but she was a wonderful cat that enriched my life.
    Enjoy Elsie.