Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It's Little Claire's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Little Claire!

It's our 3rd birthday, yippeee!!!  Has it really been this long?  The time has passed by SO quickly, but then 'time flies when you're having fun!' 

To celebrate our birthday, Steve has suggested this: 

If one of your favourite shops had a SALE wouldn't you like to choose what was discounted?

.....we invite you to choose up to any 3 items on our website that you would like to see discounted by 20% (excl. ProMarkers) - that's right, 20% from each item!

Here's the deal:
Check out our web:
Choose up to 3 items
Give us a call: 0844 800 4376 and we will take your order
Offer STARTS 10am, tomorrow, THURSDAY 20 JANUARY 2011

No other discount applies, stock subject to availability.
Note to our Club Members: if you wish to take advantage of this offer, just send us an email: and we will deduct this discount using your card details x

Be quick to grab your 3 items, in 3 hours for 3  x 20%!

Call us from 10am tomorrow (Thurs) until 1pm tomorrow.....(and say 'Happy Birthday Little Claire!) xxxxx


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Little Claire!!!! Have gone and spread the word on my blog, thanks for the birthday discounts love from Heidi xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to you all, and thanks for the offer, I placed my order this morning !

    Love Anne Chilvers x